The Saudi Air Connectivity Program (ACP) was established in 2021 to support tourism growth in Saudi Arabia by enhancing air connectivity and developing existing and prospective air routes, connecting Saudi Arabia to new destinations. ACP works at the intersection of tourism and aviation by bridging the stakeholder ecosystem to enable the National Tourism Strategy’s vision and establish Saudi Arabia as a global leader in tourism air connectivity. Check our factsheet

CEO Message

Ali Rajab
As market operators rebound from a historically difficult period, we see the tourism ecosystem playing a vital role in the industry's recovery. At ACP we are committed to working with current and prospective international air travel partners wishing to discover the Kingdom’s exciting air connectivity opportunities and remarkable new tourism growth. Our goal is to support our partners through expert advisory services and unlock the future of tourism air travel, ensuring that our partnerships deliver a shared and sustainable value for all. My team and I look forward to speaking to you and exploring how we can work together in the future to support your growth and expansion into Saudi Arabia.
Inspired by a daring vision to blaze a path to success for the tourism sector in Saudi Arabia, the Air Connectivity Program (ACP) was founded to play a leading role in enabling and enhancing tourism Air Connectivity in the Kingdom and maximizing engagement of key players

To be a leader in tourism air connectivity and guide Saudi Arabia to achieve seamless tourist air access and experience.
Actively stimulate air connectivity to enable Saudi Arabia’s tourism ambitions.

Enabling and Enhancing Air Connectivity of the Kingdom Maximizing Stakeholders’ Engagement.
At ACP, we have created a positive and inclusive culture that fosters collaboration, measurable impact, agility, and integrity.